June 13, 2024

See Tours Of The Best Baby Nursery Transformations

See Tours Of The Best Baby Nursery Transformations

Get started with a plan

If you don’t have a plan, moving your baby from a nursery wall paper into a room for toddlers can be difficult. Before you start shopping for decor, it is important to have a plan.

Consider what type of bed your child will require at the new age. This will affect not only the price but also how big it takes up.

It is likely that you spent a lot of time choosing the right mattress for your self adhesive wall paper baby nursery. So why change it now? Even though it may seem absurd, your baby nursery will need a new mattress as soon as he or she turns one.

Make a shopping schedule

A schedule can help you keep organized during hectic shopping times. It may be the best thing you do.

Consider any storage requirements that may arise during this period and include these in your design.

It is possible to even refurbish existing furniture rather than buying new. You can choose to keep them as they are or to completely remodel them.

Keep it simple

Simple and neutral decor is best for this stage in your child’s development. As your child grows older, bright colors and bold patterns will become more appealing to them. So why not start with simple neutral decor? This is a way to make sure your little one gets enough sleep.

You should limit the number of decorations that you place on your walls. They won’t be able to have too many different patterns in one area of their room. Another lesson that can wait.

Reduce the clutter

There is no need for decoration in a toddler’s room. Try to keep clutter out of your child’s bedroom.

Your little one will be more likely to get into trouble if there are too many things on the floor. They may try to hide behind walls if there are too many items.

Think Big

As toddlers are more mobile, their rooms have become smaller. You can compensate by buying furniture that is as big as you can so they have enough space to play.

It is particularly important to consider their bed, as they will be spending so much time in it. Your child will be able to stretch out in a twin- or king-size bed, which will allow them to play, sit, and rest comfortably.

Keep in mind, however, that smaller furniture is more attractive than larger pieces so if you can, choose smaller items.

Accelerate the process

Wall decals are a great way to make your child’s walls stand out if you are impatient. They come in many different styles and themes (e.g. sports, animals, cars) so you can find something that suits your needs.

There are also some that have matching wall stickers to match their furniture. Be sure to put them up while your child is in daycare. Otherwise, they will play with them and make it twice as difficult to clean them afterwards.

Keep it up

Hanging a curtain behind your child’s closet is a great way to stop them from reaching for it. It makes it easier to organize their clothes, since they can reach for them on hangers and not in piles.


You can give your child’s ornaments and other decorative objects a fun twist without spending a lot of money. You can find plastic trophies in a toy shop and let your child be proud of their achievements, no matter how small.

For those who are afraid of the dark, you can get glow-in the-dark stars for them to hang from the ceiling or put up on their walls.